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Dolphin Adult Diaper - Large

Dolphin Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper- Large

Keeping in mind the wellness and comfort of our overweight clients, we provide the best Dolphin Adult Diapers which are easy to use for patients who are bedridden and overweight.

Adults will have to use adult diapers for various reasons like incontinence, impaired mobility, hospitalisation and so on. People who use such personal hygiene products will have sensitive skin and thus the material of the diaper has to be absolutely soft and skin friendly. Adhering to the international medical standards, we bring you top class products that suits adults with various medical conditions.

Dolphin Adult Diapers brings you Adult Large Diaper specifically designed for adults who are oversized or overweight. It is highly absorbent and has great moisture retention. We use breathable material that stays fresh for hours and protects the skin. All our adult diapers come with moisture indicator to help users and caregivers in their usage.

At Dolphin Adult Diapers, our Adult Large Diapers follow international approved measurements and thus users can be sure of the size and comfort while selecting us. We are trusted brand for quality, grade and comfort like no other.




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