Dolphin Pull Ups

Dolphin Pull Ups

Adult diapers have become all the more comfortable with Dolphin pull ups diapers. Adults can use them like regular underwear with perfect fit and superior protection.

Dolphin Adult Diapers apart from being Diaper wholesaler/ Manufacturers are also leading manufacturers of adult Pull-ups. As the name suggest these are the easiest diapers to wear for regular use and greater comfort. Adults who are able to manage their day to day activities unassisted and can move and bend without any trouble can us our Dolphin pull ups diapers for best protection. Due to incontinence or some other reason adults often feel the need to wear a diaper but find it rather uncomfortable. Pull-ups on the other hand are thin, light to wear but provide excellent protection from leakage by quickly absorbing the liquid. Our Pull-up diapers come with anti-leak guards and ultra-absorbent core to help you enjoy your activities freely.

To ensure flexibility and free movement we have given breathable outer cover to our Dolphin pull ups diapers. As we follow international sizes and manufacturing process, you can be assured of great quality and ease of use with our products.





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