Dolphin Adult Diapers : The feel good Disposables

Product Features

Super Absorbant layer entraps fluid instantly

Inner Guards prevent side Leakages

Excellent Moisture Retention

Adjustable Adhesive PP Tapes for SURE FIT

Super Plush and Comfortable

Wetness Indicator included

Soft, dry Cloth-like Non-Woven top Sheet for rash free skin

Breathable Side Panels promote healthier skin

Elastic Leg Cuffs improves the fitness

Cost Effective


Top sheet: with soft and breathable non-woven cloth, enable fluid to pass through quickly and not flow back to keep surface dry and comfortable

Absorbent core: pulp mixed with super absorbent polymer to absorb the fluid

Quickly and efficiently to prevent the leakage and wet surface

Leak guards (optional): with SMS (waterproof) non-woven cloth to prevent leaks

Back sheet: PE film or cloth like breathable sheet to prevent any leakage

Wetness indicator: fades out when diaper is wet and reminds when need to change diapers

Side tapes: magic tapes or PP sticky tapes allow multiple fastening on the frontal tape

Elastic waistband (optional): having more room to move and always make you comfortable to protect your waist and belly

Adult Diaper ( with PP TAPES)
Medium (Waist:32 - 44 in)
 Adult Diaper (with PP TAPES) Large (Waist:40 - 55 in)
Adult Diaper (with PP Tapes) Extra Large (Waist: 55-65in)
Under Pads 60cmx90cm



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